Monday, June 12, 2017

Week 10 EOC:

My future plans:
  I am going to create a fashion fitness line, that is not only durable and form fitting, but also trendy and flattering to every shape. Many celebrities come out with fitness lines, however many of them have never stepped foot inside a gym. The style is there but the quality of the clothing is not. Being able to use my knowledge of the fashion industry and my everyday fit lifestyle I will be able to create a great product. I also plan to work for a top fashion firm, working my way up the company. I see myself as a great influence and with my experience in different industries, I know that I will bring many new ideas to help improve the company. I do not have a set place that I would like to work for, I would be grateful to earn my Bachelors and take my knowledge and skill set to any company that is a good company. I have many areas of interest, and I am excited to see what is beyond graduation.

Tuesday, May 30, 2017

EOC Week 9: The Apartment

During the movie, an executive was seen leaving the elevator and proceeded to smack the attendants behind. This causes major sexual harassment issues, he was inappropriate to the young lady, and no one cared. The attendant was doing her job and was violated, when she made a fit the executive dared her response, at that point she played it off by making a light joke and moving on with her day. This creates a company culture that it is okay to mistreat or violate your co-workers should you hold a higher position than them. There was a point in the movie that a man stormed into the office demanding an employees personal information. The employees who were working freely offered the information, due to them being upset with the co-worker. this caused danger for the co-worker and should not have been allowed by the company. and actually resulted in an actual dangerous situation.

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

EOC week 8: 9 to 5

 “Every manager is accountable for developing his or her subordinates.” Pg 244 ch 8 Human Resource Management This was not implemented in this movie, Hart was only interested in self-promotion and therefore let his subordinates remain at the same level for years. He also discriminated against women, stating that men did not trust a woman to handle the accounts and numbers. “The most familiar on-the-job training is the coaching or understudy method. Here, an experienced worker or the trainee’s supervisor trains the employee. This may involve simply observing the supervisor, or (preferably) having the supervisor or job expert show the new employee the ropes, step by step.” Pg 244 ch 8 Human Resource Management, it seemed as if Judy was going to receive proper training, however Violet went over the procedures once and then left her to complete the tasks alone. This is not proper “on the job training”. They did follow examples of the corporate chain of command, they clearly identified who the important employees were, who the bosses and executives were as well. While under control the ladies implemented new rules around the office. Creating a more work friendly environment, “Moving means developing new behaviors, values, and attitudes. The manager may accomplish this through organizational structure changes, through conventional training and development activities, and sometimes through the other organizational development techniques (such as team building).” pg 258 ch 8 Human Resource Management

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Week 7 EOC: Prisoners and Veterans

We always want to be sure we are using out best judgment no matter the applicant i, when it comes to hiring. "Ethics refers to the principles of conduct  governing an individual or group". pg 264 ch 7 Human Resource Management. I do not see the fear in hiring a Veteran they have clear discipline with an ability to think quickly, and want / need structure. same can be said for ex felon's, after living in a structured and strict environment for a period of time, they become used to living this way. Ex felons are also out to prove they have been rehabilitated and therefore can be accepted back into society or their communities. They tend to have a strong fear of being sent back to prison, if they are unable to meet parole requirements or are unable to distinguish good behavior.  both of these candidates seem like an employers dream, based on that perspective alone. "Title VII of the Civil Rights act makes it an unlawful practice for an employer to discriminate against an individual with respect to hiring, compensation terms, conditions, or privileges of employment because of the race color sex, religion, and national origin" pg 227 ch 7 Human Resource Management. 
I would hire either one of these applicants, pending the qualifications for the job, giving people a reason and a purpose helps elevate disfunctional behavior.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017


             During Hannah’s first interview, she seemed to be doing well at first. As the interview went along she began to joke and fraternize with the employer, and then became a bit to comfortable. Having a personality and interpersonal skills is great for a job, but knowing when to keep it professional is key, and she did not do that in this situation. In the interview outside recreational use of alcohol was a topic, although Hannah and the Employer were both well over the drinking age, this sort of topic is also deemed unprofessional. It is okay if the employer joked about it, but for Hannah to engage and add her own stories or personal experiences, was taking it a step too far. . “behavioral interviews ask applicants to describe how they reacted to actual situations in the past.” Pg 204 ch.7 Human Resource Management. 
               Hannah may have been nervous in the interview which could explain a lot of her behavior, however she needed to compose herself and focus on the employers questions so that she could respond with a clear intelligent answer. “In a job-related interview, the interviewer asks applicants questions about job-relevant past experiences. The questions here don’t revolve around hypothetical or actual situations or scenarios. Instead, the interviewer asks questions such as, “Which courses did you like best in business school?” The aim is to draw conclusions about, say, the candidate’s ability to handle the financial aspects of the job in question.” Towards the end of the interview the employer began to read over Hannah's resume, he even expressed how he was impressed with her background, however Hannah was still not completely focused which caused her to make one final joke that offended the employer. This ultimately costed her the position. "In unstructured (or nondirective) interviews, the manager follows no set format. A few questions might be specified in advance, but they’re usually not, and there is seldom a formal guide for scoring “right” or “wrong” answers." Pg 203 ch.7 Human Resource Management. Although this was an unstructured interview, Hannah should have conducted herself more seriously, in order to have the employer view her as a responsible new asset to the company. 

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Week 5 EOC: HR Joke

Q. If you had a gun with 2 silver bullets, a vampire, a werewolf and an HR manager, who would you shoot?
A. The HR manager twice; just to be sure.
Disciple John

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Week 4 EOC: Interview Responses

In an Interview it is possible that you could be challenged with situations or scenarios the employer may give to test your problem solving skills, and ability to think quickly. In this same regard questions that catch you off guard can also be thrown into the interview. But what about questions that are not appropriate or illegal? Many applicants find themselves to be nervous or have already memorized responses to certain questions they know employers will ask. However, it is important to understand what type of questions are inappropriate and the proper way to answer them without giving the employer a bad first impression. If the interviewer decided to ask about personal life interest, a person is well within their rights not to answer. This behavior could be frowned upon and let’s face it, you are there because you want the job. A way to respond without offending the employer could be to make the question light hearted or break up the tension with a clever yet humorous remark. For instance, if they were to ask you if you were in a committed relationship with children in the home, your response could be “is that required?”. This would not only lighten the mood but it would give the employer a chance to explain the reason for asking such a bold personal question, there could be a marketing team that struggles with reaching that market, and if you were one of those people maybe you could be placed in that department to help offer ideas from a personal perspective. Now the question makes more sense if the employer is asking just to be nosey, you could also reply “I have excellent time management skills, and my personal life will never interfere with my work responsibilities. Another great example is drug testing, often many jobs require them, and you must be able to pass. With this being common knowledge we forget that there is still a right and wrong way to answer this question, honesty is not always the best policy in this situation. You may think expressing how you tried drugs as a child but now as an adult you do not, however the employer could have strong feelings towards this and even though “it was a long time ago” they could still choose not to hire you based on that testimony. The proper way to answer, “do you now or have you ever done illegal drugs?” is “If you’re wondering will I be able to pass a drug test, I can assure you, you will be pleased with the results.” This gives the employer a positive outlook on you as an individual, the confidence from a strong answer like that will be sure to have you ahead of other candidates. You will also notice; the question was never answered so there was no lying involved. These are just a few examples but can be modified to really fit into any uncomfortable or inappropriate question that may come up during the interview.